Doe lokaal, denk globaal

THe Human Driven agency

Change is the central point of everything we do

At HOBIJ we believe that everyone has the right to a full and rich life. We believe that happy people together make a better world.

Work and living

We support this by helping flex workers have a good living space. In addition, we arrange transport, documents and other administrative matters.

Never stop growing

We train you for various positions in our own Academy. From welder to forklift driver and from technician to administrative assistant.

We go the extra mile

At HOBIJ we believe that everyone is entitled to a full and rich life. We believe happy people can make a better world, together.

The fastest match between vacancies and talent

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Motivated flexworkers
Beds and houses
Years of experience
Transportation vehicles

The best arrangements. live and work comfortably

We take good care of our people because we feel responsible for them. After a warm welcome, in addition to the standard matters such as health insurance and BSN number (if necessary), we also arrange: Appropriate transport to and from work, Housing (if necessary) with 24 hour management,
A permanent HOBIJ contact person for all kinds of questions

Become part of the HOBIJ family

As an employee or employer you are part of a community of happiness makers. Together we find or draw up a vacancy. Based on this, we create tailor-made images to enthuse the right candidates in Europe.

Knowledge and inspiration

krappe arbeidsmarkt

De impact van een krappe arbeidsmarkt op productie en logistiek


De nieuwe HOBIJ website is live


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