We say what we do. And we do what we say.

Work in the Netherlands

Your expectations. Delivered.

Your move to the Netherlands is filled with expectations. We at HOBIJ make these expectations come true. We screen all our clients thoroughly before we enter into any agreement with them. We want to know all the ins and outs about their business to make sure that good employment practices are just as important to them as they are to us. If we don’t feel that click, we don’t go ahead.


So how does that help you? Simple. You know exactly where you are going to work, what your job entails, and with whom you are going to work. For us, that is just common sense.

An attractive salary and sufficient hours.

That is what you can expect when you choose to work through HOBIJ. We want for you what we want for ourselves. Besides that, you can expect us to offer you a sense of security, which goes beyond compliance with the law, regulations, and collective labour agreements. For example, we are an ABU-accredited agency and have the SNF certification. You are assured of a safe working and living environment and equal chances in the labour market. Keywords in all this are transparency and fairness. In short, everything is well taken care of.

We won’t let you walk.

The Netherlands, a country of cyclists. And we’re not exaggerating! Our small country has more bicycles than people. Whether you will be able to use one of our bicycles to get to work depends on the distance from your house to the workplace, whether you have a driver’s license, and the option to carpool. If cycling is not an option, you may use one of our cars or you can carpool with another colleague.

From application to getting started.

1. You send us your application

for a great job in the Netherlands. We contact you within 2 working days to find out if you are a match.

2. You sign the contract

Are you happy with the job descriptions, the contract, and the terms? Then it is time to (digitally) sign the documents.

3. You travel to the Netherlands

If you are still abroad, you organise your own transportation to the Netherlands. If necessary, we arrange for a good and safe place to live and transportation to and from work.

4. You are welcome

On your day of arrival, our team will welcome you warmly, which includes a filled fridge. We get the final details done, such as providing you with a Dutch personal identification number (BSN number).

5. You meet

You meet your job coach, the flex manager, the client, and your housemates. They are the go-to people if you need assistance.

6. You get started

Good luck with your new job!


We’re here for you.

A new job in another country. Besides the many opportunities this offers you, it also means big chances in many ways. From our work culture to the language, everything is different. And this can be challenging. We at HOBIJ truly know how you feel. That is why we introduce you to your job coach as quickly as possible. You can always talk to them about how things are going and if there is anything you need. They are here to answer all your questions, receive feedback, and deal with other issues.

Good to know.

If you have a passport issued by an EEA country, you can work in the Netherlands without additional formalities. If you have a non-EEA nationality you need to obtain a Dutch residence permit stating that are allowed to work in the Netherlands. Unfortunately, we cannot help you with these formalities or apply for the documents on your behalf. For more information click here.