Your home, away from home.

Living in the Netherlands

More than windmills, bicycles, and cheese.

A new job, which also pays well. A better future for yourself and the people you love. That is what you can find in the Netherlands. But relocating to another country will also mean big changes in many ways. Not just when it comes to your workplace, but also in your private life. Would you like to know what to expect? And are you curious about what the Netherlands has to offer besides windmills, bicycles and cheese? Read all about it here.

A nice and safe place to live.

Housing? We’ll arrange it for you.

We will arrange for a good and safe place to live (which complies with all relevant laws and regulations). This can be in a house, an apartment, or in a hotel. Naturally, with free WiFi and near your new workplace. We give you the address of your new home before your first day at work. Generally, you’ll be sharing a room with one other person. If you like to share a room with someone you already know, please let us know so we can do our best to organise this. The accommodation often houses many different nationalities. Great fun!


Do you already have a place to live? Or do you prefer to find housing yourself? No problem!

Our House Coordinator. Your helping hand.

Every accommodation has its own House Coordinator. So if you have questions regarding housing, the Coordinator will be happy to answer them. They also visit the accommodations regularly to make sure that everything runs smoothly. Does something get broken or need to be replaced? Give us a quick call and the House Coordinator and his tool kit will be with you in no time to lend a helping hand.


Please note that the Coordinator is not a cleaner. That is the residents’ task ;-).

From application to getting started.

1. You send us your application

For a great job in the Netherlands. We contact you within 2 working days to find out if you are a match.

2. You sign the contract

Are you happy with the job descriptions, the contract, and the terms? Then it is time to (digitally) sign the documents.

3. You travel to the Netherlands.

If you are still abroad, you organise your own transportation to the Netherlands. If necessary, we arrange for a good and safe place to live and transportation to and from work.

4. You are welcome

On your day of arrival, our team will welcome you warmly, which includes a filled fridge. We get the final details done, such as providing you with a Dutch personal identification number (BSN number).

5. You meet

You meet your job coach, the flex manager, the client, and your housemates. They are the go-to people if you need assistance.

6. You get started

Good luck with your new job!


The Netherlands in a nutshell.

Honestly, if you think about the Netherlands, what comes to mind? More likely than not, these are things like windmills, bicycles and cheese – in all shapes and sizes. But the Netherlands is so much more!


Our country is famous for its sociable and down-to-earth people. People who love to chat, in English as well, and are always willing to lend a helping hand. So making new friends and exploring your new neighbourhood is easy and something you’ll definitely do. And this will add a silver lining on even the dreariest days.

We’re here for you.

Leaving your home and loved ones behind is not an easy thing to do. We at HOBIJ truly know how you feel. That is why we introduce you to your job coach as quickly as possible. Your job coach is the go-to person to talk about how things are going and if there is anything you need. They are here to answer all your questions, receive feedback, and deal with other issues.