Goed bezig!

Thank you for your application.

The first step toward your future has been taken. You can be proud of that.

Just so you know… You only need to apply to one vacancy. Our recruiters will check if there are any other openings available that match your profile. Pretty handy, right?


Keep an eye on your phone in the coming days. One of our recruiters will contact you within 48 hours to discuss your application.

Applied. What now?


Your first step to creating your new future is applying for one of our jobs. We send you a message or email you within 48 hours (on working days) to discuss your application. We’ll talk about your experience, availability, and expectations.

Personal introduction.

We like to know the face behind the name, so we are keen to meet you in person. If you are still abroad, we can do this via a video call. Or you are most welcome to visit our office in Veghel.

Skills test. 

If a certain job requires specific skills, we’d like to see how capable you are. Such aspects are discussed during the personal introduction.

Signing documents.

When all is looking good to go, we send you the necessary documents, such as job descriptions, contracts, and terms and conditions. You still have some time to think about our offer. If you are happy, it is time to (digitally) sign the papers!

Transportation and housing 

If you are coming from abroad, you need to organise your journey to the Netherlands yourself. If necessary, we arrange for good and safe housing and transportation to and from work. We gladly welcome you to our office in Veghel. If you don’t have health insurance in the Netherlands yet, we will apply for health insurance on your behalf. The costs will be deducted from your wages and are indicated on the payslip.

Getting started. 

You’re starting your new job at your employer. Naturally, your job coach is available to answer your questions, receive feedback, or just for a chat for the entire time that you work through us. Good to know: your first wages are paid out after your second working week, so we recommend that you have some small savings to bridge that time.