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Medical care in the Netherlands; everything you need to know!

A nasty cough that just won’t go away, a wound that needs treatment or another medical issue that requires attention… In the Netherlands, you contact your GP in such cases. The latter examines the complaints and – if necessary – refers you on. In this article, our absence consultant Manouk tells you all about this topic. Read on.


Registering with a GP


Registering with a GP is not compulsory in the Netherlands. But we always recommend it. Why? Simple. A regular GP knows your situation and keeps track of changes in your health. Moreover, you always know where to go when problems arise. Do you need urgent help in the evening, at night or at the weekend? Then you can contact the out-of-hours GP surgery.


Good to know: in the Netherlands, we have free choice of doctors. So you can choose your own GP. In practice, however, you may not be able to see the GP of your choice. For example, because they have no room for new patients, or because you live too far away. Having trouble sorting it out? Then contact your flex manager or job coach. He or she will help you further.


This is how you go about it!


Registering yourself with a GP, in 5 easy steps:


  1. Find a GP near you on
  2. Go to the website of your chosen GP.
  3. Check whether the website is available in English or in your spoken language.
  4. Go to the registration form – in Dutch: inschrijffformulier – and fill in your details.
  5. The GP practice will contact you to complete your registration. This may take a few days.


Visiting the GP as an incidental patient


Not found a GP yet, but need urgent care? Don’t panic. You can then visit the GP as an incidental patient. The GP or assistant will determine whether you and your complaints meet the conditions.


If you are treated as an incidental patient, the GP may charge an incidental patient fee. You often have to pay this bill immediately. You can then send it to your health insurer. If you are insured through HOBIJ, our insurer – HollandZorg – will cover the costs. Do you have your own health insurance? Then ask them what you have to do to get reimbursed.


How much does the GP cost?


A GP appointment is covered by the basic package of health insurance. No excess applies to this. So you pay nothing at all. Does your GP prescribe medication as a result of your appointment or is further examination – such as blood tests – or a referral to a specialist required? Then this does fall under the annual excess that you are personally liable for (in Dutch: eigen risico).


For more information, check your health insurer’s website.

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